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Combining years of experience in the Superyacht industry to help those that need it most.

The Superyacht Charities (SYC) is a group of 5 friends that work in various occupations within the Superyacht industry. Active since 2012, due to success and growth, we have now formalised our charity efforts to create the Superyacht Charities Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to promote and assist in the raising of funds for charities that superyacht professionals both participate and donate to.

SYC wants to ensure that worthy causes receive as much of the funding as possible and help the growth of the smaller not for profit and non-government funded charitable organisations.


We were brought together by our involvement in raising funds for charity and have taken part in many fundraising events. We believe there is a huge interest in our industry for charitable donations and we are dedicated to providing the best platform to make sure our superyacht industry colleagues get the best results for their hard work and that more of the intended funds get to their desired targets.

In April 2015 we achieved the first ever superyacht gala ball which was held at the Southampton Football Club’s, St Mary’s stadium. That evening produced a sell-out success story with approximately 60 superyacht related companies involved and almost 400 attendees. The significant result of the evening was that the £48,000 raised enabled Sail4cancer to launch their program for families who have terminally ill single parents or family members to say their final goodbye in a happy environment with their families.

How you can help, Donate here and help us provide support to our causes. Donate